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welcome to Bunny Creek Baskets
Home of Yarn Pottery

Sold Yarn Pottery

The yarn pottery in this section has been sold but can provide inspiration for a custom piece or color choices. If you fall in love with one of these pieces, I can make something similar, in the same or a different color, just contact me with the details. Because every piece of yarn pottery is unique, I cannot exactly duplicate any piece, but I can make you something similar. When you contact me, provide the ID number of the basket you like; if you like yarn from a different basket, provide that ID number as well. I will contact you so we can discuss the details. And I'm always happy to make a completely custom piece of yarn pottery, just contact me

To make it easier for you to find the perfect piece of yarn pottery, I have arranged the pages by the primary color of the yarn pottery. Because many yarns contain multiple colors, some pieces of yarn pottery appear on multiple pages. Yarn pottery made from premium all-natural yarns has its own page.

NOTE: There might be some variation in the actual colors, depending on your device. Variations should be minor.


Premium All-Natural Sold


Blue and Purple Sold


Green Sold


Red, Pink, and Orange Sold


Earth Tones Sold


Raimbow Sold

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