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Bunny Creek Baskets
Home of Yarn Pottery

Shipping and taxes

Shipping cost for US shipping is based on the basket price:

                                    Basket price:                  Shipping cost:

                                           $25 - $65                                    $6

                                           $66 - $89                                    $7

                                           $90 - $114                                 $9

                                           $115 - $140                              $11

                                           $141+                                         $12


If you live in the greater Olympia/Yelm area and want to arrange for contact-free delivery, be sure to select the Delivery purchase option to avoid being charged shipping cost. 


If you live outside the greater Olympia/Yelm area, you must choose the Shipped purchase option. Shipping cost will automatically be added to your purchase.

Tax is automatically charged only for baskets shipped 
to or delivered in Washington state. 


Tax is charged at the rate for Yelm, WA. The current tax rate is .092%